Low G can kill in helicopters

Nov 29, 2017

Low G can kill in helicopters

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Never push cyclic forward to descend or terminate a pull up!

Robinson Helicopter Safety Tips 1 http://HelicopterGround.com

We have the General Section. Robinson Helicopter Safety Tips and Safety Notices. I read these back when I was training as a Student Helicopter Pilot. No matter what Helicopter you will be flying later on, right now we are talking about Robinson R-22 Helicopter, you are most likely going to move on to other aircraft. You may become a Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, or Certified Flight Instructor. These Safety Tips pretty much pertain to all Helicopters. There are a few that are Robinson Helicopter Specific, but most are not. These are good general Helicopter Safety Tips. I preach about the Robinson Helicopter Factory Safety Course. It is some of the very best Helicopter Training you can get for the money! Its a incredible Helicopter Training Course. Never push the cyclic forward to descend or to terminate a pull up (as you would in a airplane). This may produce a Low-G (near weightless) condition which can result in a main rotor striking the cabin. Always use the collective to initiate a descent. Anytime you are going to descend, lower the collective. There is never a reason to use a large forward abrupt input. You do not want to put the aircraft in a low-G situation. I have been flying Helicopters going on twenty years now. I have been flying a little bit of everything. Not in any of those Helicopters has been a need for a large forward abrupt cyclic input. Never!
Robinson Helicopter Safety Tip 1
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Robinson R-22 Helicopter Pilots Operating Handbook Safety Tips
Never push cyclic forward to descend or terminate a pull up! Robinson R22 R44 Training Safety Tip #1 Never push cyclic forward Online Ground School

Low G can kill in helicopters