Helicopter and Airport Radio Communications course

Aug 11, 2018

Helicopter and Airport Radio Communications course

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First I want to tell you that I'm loving this helicopter ground training site. Please let me know if you are catching any of the videos or seeing any of the changes. This new site has completely and entirely exceeded my expectations. We have been growing strong and progressing regularly since 2012!

I knew it would be cool, but the just the way that it works, the way it operates in the back end, allows me to do so much more, so much faster. Which ultimately is good for you, all the members. I can produce faster, produce more Helicopter Training Videos. It's just so absolutely cool, I can't believe it.

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Helicopter and Airport Radio Communications course

Tip for pattern work, we always use helicopter. The first call of the day November 8626 papa. Helicopter November 8626 papa, that's how you start your call, whether it's a towered or non-towered either way. Then we abbreviate after we use our first full call sign of the day. We can then abbreviate, I would do something like helicopter 26 papa. What I want to say is, you always use helicopter. The reason is if you'll notice this is November 8626 papa.

There's aircraft over here that happens to be a helicopter but it's November 2686. That could easily be on the side of an airplane. My point is I have been in a pattern, many many times towered and non towered, doesn't matter. You'll hear somebody say 86 papa turning base, not even using right or left base. It should be helicopter 26 because then everybody knows who we are and we know who we're looking for. You'll hear airplanes do the same thing. You'll hear 86 papa turning left base. Is it an airplane? is it a Cessna? Is it a helicopter? What is it?

I recommend always using helicopter even when you're abbreviating helicopter 26 papa. That way when other traffic is looking for you, no matter who they are or where they are. They know who you are. At least they know they're looking for a helicopter when you're making your call. Go on and investigate the other categories inside this section. Put your comments down below and let me know what you're thinking. We'll see you in the next video.

Helicopter and Airport Radio Communications course

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