One on One Live Check Ride Preparation With HOGS

Oct 21, 2018

One on One Live Check Ride Preparation With HOGS


                                Are you totally freaking out worried about your helicopter check ride day? Nerves got you all crazy? You're worried about passing and you want a second opinion? We've been helping a lot of people not only with our helicopter training videos and our online ground school, but we have more and more members that are traveling here to fly with us and finish up their ground here. The common theme is they're using the videos to make sure that their knowledge is pretty good before they get here. Once they're here all we've got to do is sit down with them. Usually within a couple of days, boom, they are ready to go.

Let Helicopter Online Ground School help you with all of your ratings! We have four FAA certified courses, Private PilotCommercial PilotInstrument Pilot, and Certified Flight Instructor. We have a bundle pack called Professional Pilot Lifetime Membership, which includes all this for life.

Any course completion will automatically award WINGS phase credits and you are on your way to satisfying the flight review requirement.


One on One Live Check Ride Preparation With HOGS

                               I want to introduce you to some of our members that have been here just in the recent past, just since the weather has been nice. We have Johnathan, who was here for his commercial add-on. Roger was just here. He actually is from Indiana. Johnathan was from Minnesota.

                                You've got Dean, who came from Wisconsin. Shows up most prepared student ever. Showed up with everything. He'd only had one hour of flying. He showed up, did some ground with Gary and then when out and did a intro flight. He definitely loved it. He's coming back actually next week to fly with our full time, new full time, chief Pilot Gary Cleveland. He's coming back to do some ground with Gary.

                                We did Lance, just did his commercial rating. He came all the way from Texas, was here less than a week, went home super happy. His partner from Texas, CT, came up prior to Lance coming up. Had him done in like, Gary had him done in just a few days. Again, they went through the videos, had everything ready, had their qualifications done.

                                We had Austin and Rollin were here. They brought a R22 with them. They came over together. They had been going through the videos. We did some prep work with them. Got both their commercials done for them. They went back home. They were here well less than two weeks.

                                Holly, who came all the way from Colorado. I helped her with her CFI. Again, she used the videos before showing up. Her knowledge was really good. We actually transitioned her from she had never flown an Enstrom before. In under two weeks we transitioned her to the Enstrom, got her ready to go for the CFI check ride. She went and took a CFI check ride in an Enstrom that she had just started flying less than --

                                ... Problem, and he just, I learned all I could do with Jamie was just kind of get him calmed down because of everything he'd been through and he was fine. We got his check ride done.

                                Then we have Ray, who came over from Chicago. He'd just starting out. Using our ground school, wanted to come over. He hasn't done a check ride yet, but everybody else that you've seen have all done check rides. I think that's it. Yep. We'll get back to that in a minute.

                                The cool thing is, this isn't really something that we started out to do. It was pretty much just ground school and I would do ratings on the side, but all the sudden members start saying, 'Hey, can we come there and finish the rating?' They're showing up really prepared. Jamie was the one that really said, 'You know what? You guys ought to start really looking at bringing your members here and helping them. Make sure they go through the videos before they come.'

                                When I first started doing this five years ago, I did a lot of one on one get on Skype or a online classroom or one of our different web tools we have to use to work with people, but I've got so much time online that after a while I had to kind of drop off doing that, because it was just too time consuming. Gary is starting full time and he said, 'You know? We should starting doing some more of that one on one check ride with people over the internet, over Skype or in the classroom.' I said, 'You know what? Soon as you're full time, why don't we implement that again?'

                                What we're doing is we're offering ... Screen is going kind of crazy here a little bit. Two hours one on one in our online classroom. We can use either Skype, we can have several other different methods that we can use so we can get you logged in from pretty much anywhere around the world. Screen is going crazy. I don't know what that's all about. Two hours one on one. That's freaking me out. Let me see if I go to the other screen if that will take care of that and make that quit jumping around. See we've got a update here, but this is the problem with doing the stuff that we do. There, we got rid of that pesky thing. Hopefully that'll quit messing with this.

                                Two hours one on one in our online classroom. The majority of this will be with Gary, but Gary has gotten really good with check rides and been working with a lot of our members here in person, so we thought we'd introduce doing a new two hour check ride prep for those of you for those of you that just, maybe you're just worried. You just want that extra help of somebody other than your instructor. Maybe you're working well with your instructor, but you just want that second opinion. You want somebody else to evaluate your knowledge. We're offering this two hours one on one. This offer is valid for current HOGS members in good standing. You have to be a current member. This isn't for people off the street, because we want you to be a member, be going through the training, going through the videos and have your knowledge at a pretty good place where you want that second opinion for check ride prep.

                                If you're interested, you can text or call our new member support number, 574-767-1797. This offer is on a first come, first serve basis, so it's permitting on how much stuff we have going on per month. We are going to continue working with members that want to travel here and get their check rides done. It's just been working out really well for them to go through the videos, have the training, have the knowledge down to where they're in pretty good shape and they just want somebody to help them hone the skills, give them the confidence they can get ready and go take the test.

                                If you're interested in coming here to train with us at C65, the Plymouth Municipal Airport, you can text or call our new member support number, again at 574-767-1797. You can text or you can leave a message. Either way, whichever you prefer.

                                I'm going to switch back to the other camera. Hopefully that little update there took care of our flashing screen that was going crazy. If you're on the sales page and you're getting ready to join, this is an offer. There's a button down below where you can add this to your membership. If you come across this video somewhere else on YouTube or Facebook, you can just go to our website,, go to our homepage and this new offer is right there on the homepage. It is an offer that is for current Helicopter Online Ground School members. There should be a link beside this video for both our homepage and also for the additional button to add this at your sign-up. Click the appropriate link to get you started and we'll see you in the next video.

One on One Live Check Ride Preparation With HOGS

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