Private Helicopter, Commercial Helicopter, Instrument Helicopter Pilot Caleb Zandstra Congratulations!

Jun 29, 2018

Private Pilot Caleb Zandstra Congratulations

Caleb has completed three ratings using Helicopter Online Ground School. His feedback with each rating has reaffirmed to us that our courses are working. We strive to keep our courses spot on, so you are ready for whatever is thrown at you on check ride day. The Private Pilot membership is now FAA certified for WINGS credit and includes practice tests at the end. Caleb is a very dedicated pilot and there was never a doubt that he would achieve his dream of professional piloting.

Commercial Helicopter Pilot Caleb Zandstra Congratulations

Caleb blew threw the FAA commercial written exam and the commercial check ride using Helicopter Online Ground School. The commercial membership can be purchased on a monthly, yearly, or lifetime basis. All courses at are FAA certified for WINGS and include end of coures practice tests.

"It's official I am a Commercial Helicopter Pilot passed my FAA Check Ride today! Thanks for all your help Kenny!"

Helicopter Instrument Pilot Caleb Zandstra Congratulations

The Helicopter Instrument Check Ride was a proud day for Caleb and he deserved it. His time and effort in preparation paid off. We are proud to have a little part in Caleb's success and glad that our video course has helped so many pilots like Caleb.

"Thank you Helicopter Online Instrument Ground School for preparing me for my IFR Helicopter Checkride. After watching your Instrument online course multiple times and studying the PTS, FARAIM, Chart Supplement, IFR Charts, Plates, Weather and Much More! I became familiar with the IFR system because of your ground school and cannot thank you enough. If you’re looking to become a better pilot I would recommend the IFR course to anyone. Thank you Tanner, Taz, Dave, Gary, Kenny and the rest of the HOGS Team!"


Caleb used our Instrument course to prepare for the Helicopter Instrument Pilot rating. Helicopter Online Ground School Instrument Course contains presentations on all the topics you will need covered for the rating. 2018 National Flight Instructor of the Year, Taz Christman, presents many of the videos withing the course. And yes, it is FAA approved for WINGS phase credits.

If you want to go from zero to professional pilot, check out our lifetime professional pilot membership. This includes forever access to Private, Commercial, CFI, and Instrument for one price!

Helicopter Instrument Pilot Caleb Zandstra Congratulations