Private Pilot Jack Day Congratulations

Jul 18, 2018

Private Pilot Jack Day Congratulations

Jack Day is a Private Pilot Unlimited member of Helicopter Online Ground School and will have access to the course forever! There is value in forever access, in that pilots can use the vidoes to maintain proficiency and prepare for flight reviews.

Jack scheduled to come finish with us in Plymouth Indiana C65. Staying at a local hotel and spending every day together for a week and a half did the trick. Jack had approximately 90 hours in the R22. He had hit all the requirements for the rating, with the exception of 3 solo hours. We did not have the R22 available and decided to train him in the Enstrom, since he would need 20 hours dual in the R44 before flying solo.

Jack had to learn engine RPM control with the Enstrom, which we knew would just add to his skill set. Robinson governors are a beautiful thing, but they can fail. 

Within 4 hours, Jack was handling the Enstrom to checkride standards.

Jack impressed the examiner with his knowledge in the oral part of the Check Ride. Once again, the examiner sent him out to pre-flight and took time to tell me how well prepared HOGS members always are!

After Jack passed his checkride, we flew together in the R44 and signed him off as PIC in it after reaching the 5 hours of dual required. The day before he would have needed 20, and once rated he needs only 10 and can count 5 hours of his R22 time towards it. Makes perfect sense.

Jack is planning to purchase an R44 of his own now and I am sure we will be seeing him again.

Private Pilot Jack Day Congratulations

Jack is going up on the Wall of Fame! Join HOGS today and get going on that rating you have always wanted. It is never to late!

Let us help you with all of your ratings! We have four FAA certified courses, Private PilotCommercial PilotInstrument Pilot, and Certified Flight Instructor. We have a bundle pack called, Professional Pilot Lifetime Membership, that includes all this for life.

Private Pilot Jack Day Congratulations