Private Pilot Paul Vasilescu Congratulations

Sep 09, 2018

Private Pilot Paul Vasilescu Congratulations

"Gary and Kenny,

 I am happy to report that I passed my Private Pilot check ride and I wanted to thank everyone at Helicopter Online Ground School for helping me learn the material needed to pass the check ride. I went through all of the videos at least once and a fair number of videos multiple times to fully absorb the material. On check ride day, I was very well prepared for the oral exam and made it through without any difficulty. My DPE was very thorough and covered a number of topics my CFI did not provide instruction on in our ground lessons however these topics were all covered in your online materials. 

I did the flight portion of the check ride in the R22 and executed the required tasks within the PTS standards up until the 180 autorotation, which unfortunately got a bit ugly and as a result I had to come back and finish up the check ride at a later date. This was frustrating because although my CFI told me I was ready, I knew I wasn’t really proficient in the 180 and it showed in my check ride. I went back and revisited the videos on autorotations and the 180 in particular and flew as many times as I could with different instructors, and at different flight schools over the course of a week and a half until I knew I was proficient in the 180 auto and completely ready to demonstrate it to the DPE. I went up with the DPE and demonstrated the 180 as well as the remaining tasks in the PTS (hover auto and slope operations) in what was the shortest flight I have ever done and passed. Nobody wants to fail a check ride but I’m happy I went through the experience and I learned a valuable lesson about proficiency and self-evaluation which I will carry forward with me every time I fly and as I prepare for future check rides and ratings.

At this point, I am not planning on flying professionally but I do plan on continuing to get my instrument rating, commercial, and possibly CFI(I) as well, in part to make me a more skilled and safe pilot.

Thank you again" -Paul

Private Pilot Paul Vasilescu Congratulations

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Private Pilot Paul Vasilescu Congratulations

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Private Pilot Paul Vasilescu Congratulations