Robinson R-22 Month Helicopter Online Ground School

Sep 24, 2018

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 Hey it's Kenny with Helicopter Online Ground School. A quick impromptu video for you. This is some fresh content for Helicopter Online Ground School for the Robinson R-22 section. We have two Helicopter Online Ground School members here training with us in the R-22.



     Robinson R-22 Month Helicopter Online Ground School

    They've been going through the videos together. They fly the same helicopter and they watched the videos and they said, "Hey, let's just call Kenny and see if we can go out there and fly with them."   So, he did.  The First gentleman arrived here on Monday. We have been out doing some flying with him. I've been flying with him a little bit. My lead instructor, Chris Houser, has been flying with him. Gary Cleveland, my new chief pilot, has been doing helicopter ground school with him.  So, just in a few days time we really got a lot of stuff done and a lot accomplished!  He is going to be ready pretty quick.  He had a lot of things done and was prepared, there are times when sometimes you need the right people to just help you put everything together, polish it up, and get you ready to go.

     So he's flying with all three us, myself, Gary and Chris.  Everyday we've got somebody either flying with him or doing ground. And his buddy that he's been flying with is going to come next week, on Monday, I believe.  We will evaluate him and get him moving forward with his helicopter flight training.  We will do dual ground with both of them and hopefully have them ready in the next week or two to take their check rides!  They're both doing initial helicopter commercial check rides.  They've also agreed to let use to film a lot of the content, which is good news! Here at Helicopter Online Ground School, we've had a lot of different things going on each month.  This month it's Robinson R22 month! 

Robinson R-22 Month Helicopter Online Ground School

     I haven't flown the Robinson R-22 in a long time.  And I want to say, "You know what, yes I flew it many years ago and I flew it as a new instructor.  And over the years I got to fly lots of other aircraft.  Turbine engine aircraft flying EMS.  It's actually kind of fun to come back later and fly the Robinson R-22."  I thought..."Oh I'll probably never fly those again, the little helicopter."  But you know what, what a neat little helicopter for training.b I went out and I flew in this thing and had an absolute blast.  I've been flying the Robinson R-44 a lot the last couple of years.  There is the difference between the high inertia and the low inertia.  But still climbing into it there are obviously similarities between Robinson R-22 and the Robinson R-44. You have to keep in mind when you're in low inertia you have to fly this thing by the numbers. And you have to be careful.  It's a great little's safe if you fly it the way it's intended to be flown and you fly it within the limitations.  Just wanted to throw that in there.

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     Lots of cool stuff is gonna be happening. Lots of new content for the Robinson R-22 section. Which we're very excited about!  You know we're always updating and adding new training.

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Robinson R-22 Month Helicopter Online Ground School

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