Robinson R-22 transition R-44 Pilot In Command endorsement

Aug 16, 2018

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Robinson R-22 transition R-44 Pilot In Command endorsement

I’m Kenny Keller Creator of Helicopter Online Ground School. We're getting ready to go out and do a Robinson R44 transition for our helicopter ground school member Gary Cleveland. He has 5 hours of Robinson R22 time. This is going to be his first flight in the Robinson R44, so not only are we getting some Robinson R44 time, we're going to do part of the instrument training he needs for the 5 hours for the commercial pilot simulated instrument requirement.


Today we're just going to do a familiarization flight with him just to get him comfortable with the Robinson R44. He has Robinson R22 time, so it's not totally foreign. He's got Rotorway time, he has Enstrom time, Robinson R22 time, and will now have Robinson R44 time.

He's got a good range of different aircraft that he's been in, so not a big deal to him to transition to another aircraft. We'll probably make two sections of this training, one will be for anybody just wanting to transition to the Robinson R44, and then the other section of training will be covering the 5 hours of instrument time that you need for the helicopter commercial pilot.

Robinson R-22 transition R-44 Pilot In Command endorsement

So we go to the handy dandy Far Aim to the SFAR 73 section and it tells us, you have to look under Robinson R22 or Robinson R44, whichever aircraft you're looking for your PIC sign off. First we'll cover the SFAR 73 training. He's had the SFAR training, I already asked him about that and he has the SFAR sign off, the initial SFAR sign off when he went to fly in the Robinson R22, so we're covered on his SFAR 73 sign off.

If you've been going through our other videos, you know I'm current with R44, I am PIC current, I'm instructor current, and I have all the sign offs I need for the R44. Looking up for Gary, what it's going to take for him to be able to be PIC in the R44, okay, so here we go for Gary's R44 PIC sign off.

                No person may act as pilot in command of a Robinson R44 unless that person has had at least 200 hours of flight time in helicopters.

At least 50 hours of flight of which were in the Robinson R44, which he doesn't have that, but if we continue to read down, there's an exception to that part, like there's an exception to every single rule on everything that we do.

                                The pilot in command may credit up to 25 flight hours in the Robinson R22 towards the 50 hour requirement in the Robinson R44. Okay, he doesn't have all that time. Or, and here's where this applies to us, or has had at least 10 hours dual instruction in a Robinson helicopter. So he's got 5 now in the R22. At least 5 hours of which must have been accomplished in the Robinson R44 helicopter, and has received an endorsement from a certified flight instructor authorized under Paragraph B5 of this section.

That the individual has been given the training required by this paragraph and is proficient to act as a pilot in command of an R44. Okay, so we just verified through, he has the sign off, he's got 5 in the R22, I'm a qualified instructor, so after I give him 5 hours of R44 instruction, he can then have the pilot in command sign off for the R44, because he's got the 10 hours of dual, 5 of the R22, 5 in the R44 to get the complete 10.

Gary has already started his pre-flight on the R44 while I was up here doing some other stuff, and he has some questions of course, because it's been a while since he was in the R22. We're going to go down there, I think we'll throw a camera up and a mic and we'll just go over some of the stuff that Gary is going to be asking about, because I did an entire pre-flight already this morning with the first guy that went out to work on his commercial, and I'm comfortable with the pre-flight. We did the full pre-flight, used the ladder, hit the blades, hit absolutely everything. We'll do more of an abbreviated pre-flight, Gary's went over everything he can find, we're going to go through the things that he wasn't sure of, and we'll check those out, look the aircraft over, check fluids, and we'll record that for you.

                The second part of this is, Gary's going for his commercial, and he has to have 5 hours of instrument training.

Robinson R-22 transition R-44 Pilot In Command endorsement

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