Robinson R44 start up video

Dec 01, 2017

Robinson R44 start up video

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Robinson R-44 Startup

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     All right, I've got my seat belt on. Now we'll get started with the checklist. Seat belts fastened? Got mine, do you have yours?

Speaker 2: Yes.

     The shutoff value is straight down there below, right there and It's on. Many owner/operators leave the fuel valve on.

     Okay, lets check full movement for the cyclic and then make sure the friction is back on. I is the knob on the lower part of the instrument panel.

Speaker 2: Leave it on?

     Kenny: You can leave it on for now. Now lets check the collective for full range of movement, forward to release friction. Lift up and and back down, friction back on.

     Lets check full range of motion on the pedal.  Yep, good to go there. Let's go back to the checklist.

     Throttle full travel. There's full on, there's the detent on the way back, and now back to the idle position.

           Speaker 2:  Rotor brake disengaged. Yes, it is. Circuit breakers in, take a glance down below your legs to make sure they're all in.  Yes, they're all in.

     Carb heat off, so we push it all the way down. Mixture full rich, so all the way down. Mixture guard installed. Trim and landing light switches. Landing light off. We have hydraulics so we don't have a trim switch. Avionics off, we turned them off. Clutch disengaged, yep. Altimeter set, 800, yep. Hydraulic and governor switches on. Hydraulic is on and governor is on, switched towards me. Throttle twists for priming, we are going to do ... One, Two, Three. Throttle closed. 

     Speaker 2: Is that beyond closed? Kenny: Yes.

     Speaker 2: So, you feel a little stop then continue? Kenny: Yep, All right. I'm going to do master switch on, anticollision light on, area clear, ignition start, and set throttle so that engine is 50-60%.

     Ok, it started good and engine is at 55% with throttle slightly open from the idle position, immediately checking for oil pressure rise.

     Now we turn the alternator switch on and activate the clutch. You may have to add a little throttle as the clutch tightens those belts, to keep it from killing the engine.

     Lets turn the hydraulic switch off and check that we can move the cyclic without it. Move the cyclic from the center, no more than a couple inches. Too much will cause a bad vibration. Now hydraulics back on and you fell the controls move easily again.

     Check that we get a slight rise in carb heat when we pull the carb heat knob up.

     See that the engine runs smooth on left magneto, and right magneto as we isolate them with the ignition key. Then back to both.

     Warning and caution lights are out and all gauges reading in the green.

     Let the governor take it from 80% to 100% and we will check the low rotor RPM horn by rolling some throttle off and slightly lifting the collective. The horn should sound at 97%

Robinson R44 start up video

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