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Rotor Engagement Enstrom Tip Helicopter Online Ground School

Rotor Engagement Enstrom Tip Helicopter Online Ground School

What I want to show you is the Enstrom rotor engagement lever, in the Enstrom F-28 F. The point I want to make is, you get big, strong, brute men in here, that want to manhandle this thing, They make it really difficult to engage. If you remember a few little tips, basically, your first check is to make sure that the rotor is disengaged. This V part will be touching the floor. When you get ready to engage the rotor system, of course, you're using a checklist, you come up, just a few inches, until you feel a spot where it can lock in.

You can see, it happens real easy. If you're manhandling it, it doesn't want to go. You got to do it nice and gentle. Once you get it in there, basically, the process is, we start raising this, nice and slow. We'll be at 1500 on our engine RPM, and we'll start raising it, nice and slow, until we bring the engine RPM down to 1200. Then, once we're at 1200, we just hold it in place, let the rotor RPM build up to 100. Once we're there, we go ahead and fully engage the rotor system. You got to pull it all the way back, right here. You got to give it a good pull. The next trick is, once you have it there, guys still want to manhandle it. If you just pull it up real nice and gentle, it pops up out of it's lock, and goes back down to the floor.

Rotor Engagement Enstrom Tip Helicopter Online Ground School

Now that it's engaged, the whole part of the lever will be touching the floor. That means you're engaged. If you're ever in question about if it's engaged, check the rotor engagement light. Then, to disengage it, again, don't manhandle it. Just do it nice and gentle. Bring it up to the top. Work it down until it clicks in. Then, push it forward. Be ready for a pop, like that. Comes down, and catches there. Then you gently pull it out. Let it back down. The V's touching the floor.

Again, I've seen it a million times. Guys struggle with this thing, because they get too rough with it. You just got to know how to use it. Be familiar with it. Mess around with it before you go out to fly for the day. Instead of having the stress of going through the checklist, and the engine's running, and your instructor's watching you, just bring it up nice and gentle. Click it in. Bring it up until you get the rotor RPM where you want. Engage it. Take it back to the floor. Then, when you're done, back up, all the way to the top. Pop it forward. Back down to the floor. There you go.

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Rotor Engagement Enstrom Tip Helicopter Online Ground School

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