Spend a Day Flying with Kenny and the R-44

Mar 21, 2024

At Helicopter Online Ground School, we're shaking things up! We have updated and expanded our "Fly with Kenny and the R-44 for a Day" offer! With this special, you will be immersed in a ton of exclusives gear, knowledge, and techniques. Don't miss out! Be sure to schedule with H.O.G.S. to get your one day experience now!

Spend a Day with Kenny
Fly with Kenny isn't just "some package"; it's an invitation to a day packed with learning, flying, and making memories. For all you helicopter pilots out there, this is your chance to get a real, in-the-cockpit experience that's tailored just for you. 

Learning to Fly, The Kenny Way
What sets Kenny's flying day apart? First off, it's all about taking your time to learn the ropes, not rushing through. With two one-hour flights in the R 44, you'll get to try out a bunch of maneuvers and tackle those emergency drills without feeling rushed. It's about quality flying time, not just clocking hours.

Your Day, Your Way
Before we even hit the skies, we'll catch up on Zoom for 30 minutes. This is where you tell me what you're itching to learn, be it nailing your check ride, getting cozy with the R 44, or anything else flight-wise. It's your day, and we're making it count by tailoring it to what you're keen on learning.

More Than Just Flying
But hey, it's not all about being up in the air. You'll get to chill at the hangar for a day, enjoy some good food cooked by yours truly, and even head out for dinner. It's about flying, sure, but it's also about connecting, sharing stories, and just enjoying the aviation life.

Taking It Up a Level
We're not just doing the usual flight school stuff. Expect to dive into hover autos, power management, real-world auto rotations, and more. It's about pushing beyond the basics and getting a taste of what flying is really about.

Swag and Study Up
And because everyone loves goodies, you're walking away with more than just memories. You will be leaving with signed book copies for "Private Pilot 101- A Helicopter Training Blueprint", "Top Ten Check-ride Tips" and more! Aside from the #1 Amazon Best Selling signed copies, expect to be leaving with H.O.G.S. study materials such as; the Maneuver Guide and the H.O.G.S. Private Pilot Study Guide. You also will have access to all the exclusive H.O.G.S.merch like caps, backpacks, patches, stickers, and the coveted Live to Fly hoodie. It's all part of the experience.

An Offer You Can't Refuse
All this for $3,997.00, exclusively for you folks living in the U.S. It's a steal for an all-out, immersive helicopter adventure that's all about making you a better pilot in the most enjoyable way possible.

Closing Thoughts
So, if you're all about taking your helicopter skills to new heights and doing it in a way that's fun, personal, and packed with perks, Fly with Kenny is where it's at. Forget the rush job training; let's make this about learning the right way and having a great time doing it. Ready to fly the Kenny way? Let's get airborne!

In a nutshell, Kenny's making the skies more accessible and fun for U.S. pilots-in-training with a no-expiration, come-when-you-can invite. If you're up for a day that's as much about flying as it is about living the helicopter dream, you know where to find us. Let's make those flying dreams a reality, together.