Student Pilot Solo Sam Daugherty Congratulations

Aug 21, 2018

Student Pilot Solo Sam Daugherty Congratulations

Pictured below is Sam's visit to C65 on his long cross county solo!

"Bravo, Kenny. 

 Your content is excellent. I am a 20,000 hour airline pilot. I have seen the best the industry has to offer. And from the military. Yours is second to none. 

 I watched EVERY video in the Private, Commercial, and CFI in preparation for flight instruction- add on Rotorcraft.  My CFI was amazed how prepared I was. 

 It’s really taken the pressure off so I can concentrate on flight. 

 We are about 20 hours in now, and are talking about cross country .. I’ve suggested I want to solo up to C65 so you or Gary can sign my logbook. She hasn’t said yes but she did say it was certainly a possibility. 

 Whether or not that happens, a big thank you for a quality product. I still review specific videos relevant to the days’ lesson. 


Sam Daugherty

Sellersburg, IN I am also impressed at your mentoring the new CFI’s in your video series. You are a credit to the profession and industry"

Student Pilot Solo Sam Daugherty Congratulations


Solo’d an R22 today for the first time. I used HOGS for all my ground training prep.

I am a 20,000-hour airline pilot. Thirty years at my airline; forty three years since I solo’d a Cessna 150. Always wanted to fly helicopters but put it off far too long. Months ago I wrote you asking if HOGS would benefit me. Of course you said it would (big smile) and you cautioned I would probably be weak on VFR procedures and airspace. Boy were you right. I did not realize how dependent I was upon gyros. This R22 has ZERO gyroscopic instrumentation. Not even a turn&bank. Visual flying at its purist. (We’ll have to fly an R44 for the “instrument” part of my Add-On training).

I watched/studied every module Private, Commercial, and CFI. Started into the IFR but decided that was probably not appropriate just yet. Your presentations are second to none. You have a quality product and a manner that is personal; I feel like you are teaching ME directly. Other competitors may have slicker videos but yours are very good and some are superior to any one else. More importantly, your courses are comprehensive.It’s helicopter specific and I haven’t seen anything else like it in the market place.

Also, I like how you are mentoring and putting the next generation of helicopter CFI’s in front of the camera. What you are doing is beneficial to the industry at large.I realize it’s your occupation but you are also providing a valuable service.

I know you like video, so I’ve put some links at the bottom.They are stored in an album on GooglePhotos. Feel free to use any, some, or none of it.

Thank you for what you do.
Sincerely, Sam Daugherty
Sellersburg, IN

…… I LOVE the outtakes you put at the end of some of your videos.
Hilarious. You are real people after all…. (big grin)."

Student Pilot Solo Sam Daugherty Congratulations

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