Weather Updates Online Ground School

Sep 26, 2018

Well members, I want to give you a quick update on the weather section. I had a member that said, "Hey, the weather reports and forecast section's about 20 minutes, and I'm falling asleep. Can you break that into 4 smaller or several smaller videos." I did that. I took that 21 minute presentation and broke those into 4 different videos.

Weather Updates Online Ground School

What I want to tell you at the private level, examiners are going to ask about clouds, thunderstorms, fog, TAF's, Metar's, calling Flight Service. All of those things he's going to cover, but this weather section, the later videos in this section go pretty in-depth with the weather stuff, and some of it could be more oriented for the written because you're going to get a lot of questions on the written test that the examiner's not going to ask you in the oral for the helicopter.

I'm going to share my screen with you, and I'm going to show you I think you should go through 19.2 General Weather Information, 19.3, 19.4, 19.5, 19.6. I think you should go through all of those, and then if you want to dig deeper into weather starting at 19.7 and moving on down the line, you're more than welcome to go through those. Know that those later 1 through 6 is from a more in-depth weather presentation. Definitely go through General Weather Information, go through 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the weather reports and forecast. A lot of good stuff in there that the examiners are probably going to ask you or may ask you.

Weather Updates Online Ground School

Again, they're going to ask you about fog, clouds, weather, Metar's, TAF's, making your go, no go decision, reading the forecast, understanding weather, and then understand going through 19.7 on, that's going to get more in-depth, things you still probably need to know, especially for the written test. Your oral, what the examiner on your private's going to be 2 or 3 hours, could be longer, but it's going to be an hour or 2 at least, maybe 3 or 4, maybe half a day, sometimes all day, but not many. The guy's not going to spend the entire on weather, but he's going to ask you the basic things that can get you in trouble with weather.

Then what I want to tell you is Holley Gardel did her CFI with me last spring, showed up, did a great job, she's a great instructor, showed up, was super knowledgeable, did her CFI in less than 2 weeks because she showed up prepared. She worked with other instructors at home. She studied on her own. She went through an online ground school, showed up really, really prepared, and you've seen here in the airspace lessons probably and maybe the slope lesson that she did. Holley does a great job, and she's going to do some more presentations with me. She said, "Weather's kind of the one that I really like and would like to teach." Holley's going to be doing some new weather presentations, and we're going to update our current presentations with anything new that she does. With everything we do with online ground school, you know we're always adding, you know we're always updating, taking older presentations making them fresh and new. We got that coming up for you too.

That's my advice for going through the weather right now. Keep your comments and feedback coming because you know that's how we continue to build the best helicopter training on the planet. If you're seeing this video on one of our social media outlets and you're interested in more on helicopter online ground school, go to There's a link in the description box below here on YouTube. If you're on Facebook, it's somewhere nearby. You could also type in your browser. We're celebrating our third consecutive month in a row of record helicopter check rides and member sign up. It's absolutely awesome, so don't hesitate. Click the link, learn more, sign up here: become a member of helicopter online ground school, and we'll see you in the next video.

Weather Updates Online Ground School

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