Private Pilot Mike Murphy Congratulations

Jul 21, 2018

Private Pilot Mike Murphy Congratulations

"Hey Kenny, Just Passed my Private Pilot add-on today. You guys and gals really made a difference. Especially on the ground portion of the check ride. It gave me tremendous confidence. I especially liked Dave Redmond's presentations on Aerodynamics. I wish I had something like this when I went through my fixed wing training 25-30 years ago." Mike Murphy

The private helicopter add on rating for helicopter, when the student already has a fixed wing license, is a little different since you can count 10 hours of your fixed wing time towards the rating.

This leaves 20hrs of helicopter dual and 10hrs of helicopter solo to get the rating.

There is no written test since the applicant is already a pilot. The applicant will just need to meet the PTS standards on a practical test. This "check ride" usually consists of a couple hours of oral questioning, followed by an hour of flying the required maneuvers. The add on requirements are also narrowed for the "check ride". Helicopter Online Ground School can prepare you for the check ride!

Private Pilot Mike Murphy Congratulations

Mike is a Commercial Pilot Unlimited member and will have access to the course for life! Since our courses are FAA approved, he can use the course completion for a WINGS phase when his next flight review is due. Here is a blog that explains the benefits of the WINGS program and how you can complete a required flight review using the program. LINK

Let us help you with all of your ratings! We have four FAA certified courses, Private PilotCommercial PilotInstrument Pilot, and Certified Flight Instructor. We have a bundle pack called Professional Pilot Lifetime Membership, which includes all this for life.

Mike has officially went on our Wall of Fame in the Helicopter Online Ground School studio. We have World wide membership and you never know who will stop by next to meet and check out our production studio.

Below is a link to get a free copy of Kenny Keller's book, "Helicopter Check Ride". Grab this free digital version and check it out. This book made Amazon #1 best seller within 24hrs of publishing.

Private Pilot Mike Murphy Congratulations

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